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Inclement Weather Procedures

CCHS follows CNM Main Campus closures and delays.

In the event that APS and CNM Main Campus differ, CCHS follows the CNM Main Campus delays and cancellations.

CCHS follows the inclement weather policy for CNM, not APS. If APS is on a two-hour delay, it does not necessarily mean that CCHS will also follow. Only if CNM is also on a two hour delay would CCHS be impacted. Inclement weather policy is as follows: CNM two-hour delay would mean a start time of 10:00am, if a student has CNM classes that begin at 10:00am or later they would attend CNM. All 9th grade students and high school classes will begin at 10:50/ 3rd period. Lunch served as normal, no breakfast available. Because CNM has a policy that no one can be on campus until sidewalks and stairs are salted and cleared, CCHS students may not be on campus until 10:00am.

Policies and Procedures for Inclement Weather for Both CCHS and CNM

If the CNM District is affected by snow or icy conditions in the weeks and months ahead, making travel dangerous, please remember the most timely ways to receive information on whether CNM has been closed or is on an abbreviated schedule is the “AttentionCNM” emergency text messaging system, the CNM weather line at 224-4SNO (4766) and the CNM website. The AttentionCNM emergency text system is the fastest way to receive notifications. Announcements related to weather will also be made on local television stations. For info on how an abbreviated schedule due to weather – such as a two-hour delay – affects classes go to

Ensure Your Contact Info Is Correct for Emergency Texts

Please make sure your contact information is correct by logging in to myCNM. On the Welcome page, look for the “AttentionCNM” logo in the lower right corner and click on “Please Update Your Cell Phone Number for Emergency Texts.” You can enter several cell phone numbers. Emails will also be sent to all CNM email accounts.

How a Two-Hour Delay Affects CCHS Classes

  • When a two-hour delay is announced for CNM and CCHS, the first CCHS class that will be held that day is 3rd period, which starts at 10:50am. Because CNM has a policy that no one can be on campus until sidewalks and stairs are salted and cleared, CCHS students may not be on campus until 10:00am.

How a Two-Hour Delay Affects CNM Main Campus Classes

  • When operating on a two-hour delay, CNM will be closed until 10:00am. All classes scheduled to end before the announced opening time will not meet. If the college is not opening until 10:00am, any class that ends before 10:00am will not meet.
  • Classes with a start time prior to 10:00am that conclude less than 45 minutes beyond 10:00am will not meet. So, any class scheduled to end at 10:45am or earlier will not meet.
  • Classes with start times before 10:00am that are normally scheduled to extend 45 minutes or more beyond the announced opening time will meet at 10:00am. and dismiss at the normally scheduled ending time. So, when the college opens at 10:00am, and a student had a class that began before 10:00am and ends later than 10:45am, the student should arrive for that class at 10:00am.
  • Classes that are scheduled to begin after 10:00am will meet as usual. For example, if a student has a class that begins at 11:00am, a student should attend the 11:00am class at the normal time. The syllabus for classes that are not held at CNM facilities (high schools, UNM, clinical sites) will provide guidance for dealing with weather at these sites.