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Application, Lottery and Enrollment Policies and Procedures

General Guidelines

CCHS is part of the Albuquerque Public School system and is subject to all APS policies and procedural directives. Students at CCHS are bound by the APS student handbook. As early college students residing on the CNM campus, students are also subject to CNM policies and procedures.

Any student, regardless of where they reside in New Mexico, may attend CCHS. As a magnet school with limited enrollment, CCHS will hold a lottery to determine placement. Students, along with their parents or guardians, who submit complete applications by the deadline will be eligible for the lottery process. Applicants not selected in the lottery will be placed on a waiting list.

Step I: Applying for Admission

In order to be considered for the lottery process, prospective students and their parents or guardians, hereafter referred to as applicants, must submit a completed application to CCHS by the deadline. The application opening date and deadline are announced on the CCHS website each school year. CCHS staff will review each application for completeness. Upon verification of completeness, applicants will be notified within three weeks of receipt that their application is entered into the lottery. Also, at this time, applicants will be advised of the lottery number their application has been assigned and the grade level assignment (determined by credits earned) for which they are eligible at CCHS. Grade level assignment is subject to change based on credits earned at completion of current spring semester.

  • Applications that are incomplete, inaccurate or submitted after the deadline date and time will not be considered for the lottery.
  • Applicants who submit more than one application for a single school year will not eligible for the lottery at CCHS.
  • A student must apply using his/her legal name.
  • Applications can be downloaded from the CCHS website or picked up from the main office of CCHS.

Step II: Admission Lottery Procedure

A lottery is required for all applicants.

Siblings of matriculated CCHS students will be given preference in the lottery.  Additional preferences are defined by the Albuquerque Public Schools procedural directive Students Attending a School Outside their Attendance Boundaries.

After an application has been reviewed for completeness, CCHS staff will assign the application a number corresponding to the order in which it was received.

After the deadline passes and all completed applications have been reviewed and assigned a number, a lottery for each grade level will be held in the spring. Numbers will be randomly drawn, until enrollment is at capacity, to determine applicants’ eligibility to enroll at CCHS for the following school year.

Applicants whose numbers are not drawn will be placed on a waiting list. Within one week of the lottery, CCHS will notify all applicants of their status.

Step III: Matriculation

Applicants selected from the lottery process will be notified by CCHS within one week of the lottery of the matriculation process, which begins with a required meeting with CCHS administration and staff and a “statement of commitment” to be signed by the applicant and parents or guardians. Applicants and their families are required to attend the mandatory meeting which begins the official matriculation to CCHS and return the signed statement of commitment to enroll at CCHSS within five days of receipt.

The matriculation meeting will cover important issues related to attending an early college high school, including college registration, textbook procedures, FERPA guidelines, parent-student communication, and the impact college performance while at CCHS can have on future college enrollment and scholarship opportunities.

Waiting List: Information and Instructions

Students who have their applications approved but are not selected through the lottery will be placed on a waiting list. The waiting list will be determined through the lottery process after application numbers have reached capacity enrollment.

As openings become available, the top of the waiting list will be notified of the opening by email and phone. The parent will be given five (5) business days to accept the student’s position and schedule an orientation meeting. If the parent does not respond within five (5) business days, the slot will be offered to the next student on the waiting list and so on. If a student is on the waiting list and declines a slot when offered, that student will be removed from the list.

Applicants on the waiting list who accept an offer to matriculate to CCHS will be required to sign a statement of commitment and attend a meeting to begin the official matriculation process. (see Step III above for details).